Studio Rental


Rent the Jazz Factory studio for your own use! Now, especially during the Corona restrictions, the studio allows for a quiet, comfortable, private space for your own use in downtown Helsinki. See pictures

The studio is cleaned and disinfected daily and extra time is reserved between the bookings to avoid all unnecessary contact and to maintain privacy. See studio rules.
Users are also asked to follow the general recommendations and guidelines issued by health authorities when using the facilities. Government guidelines (in Finnish) Health guidelines     Hand washing and coughing

PRICE: 12,50€/h (inc. VAT 10%).

Note: if you rent 10h or more at a time, the rent goes down to 10€/h (inc.VAT10%). However, not all hours need to be used at once, but can be divided into multiple bookings. This special offer stands until 31.7.2020. Cancellation policy

Do this: first check available time slots from the calendar, then reserve the time via email; you’ll get an invoice by email. When your payment is visible on our account, you’ll receive the instructions for the entry and use of the studio.

The studio has 50m2 of resilient (laminate) dance floor, a whole-wall mirror, a powerful modern sound system, mood lighting and a beautiful vintage style interior. The studio includes a lavatory and a dressing room, chairs, a table and an internet connection, as well as a private entrance directly from the outside.


The studio is located in Suvilahti, Helsinki between Sörnäisten rantatie 33 and Suvilahdenkatu 10, on an outside platform on the second floor.
Good location, easily accessible with a car, bicycle, or public transport.
Free parking available close by.

Entrance from Suvilahdenkatu 10
Entrance from Sörnäisten rantatie 33