Private classes are a good way to dive into the dance style, but also an important and deepening addition to your dance development, whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, a performer or a teacher.
Private classes are a tailor-made lesson for you with undivided attention to your needs – be it about the introduction to the dance style, dance technique, movement arsenal, improvisation, choreographical support, or just to untangle the undefined issue affecting your dance.

Private class prices:
1 person 1h 100€ (incl.vat24%)
2 (+) persons 1h 125€ (incl.vat24%)

Prices include 1h of face to face teaching and the Jazz Factory studio rent.


The private classes during the current pandemic restrictions are held online, using Zoom (a web conference program with camera & audio & recording possibilities) so you can have the class while at home, provided you have an internet connection at your disposal. Contact me and we’ll agree on private class package, including class theme, schedule and payment method.

Video feedback                                    ***   15min    ***  (1-2person)
Price: 30€
(incl. VAT 24%)
The students film their own dancing and send the video to the teacher according to the instructions. After having analysed the video, the teacher gives the student an oral 15min feedback online (or written if so preferred by the student) on their dance, including constructive feedback and suggestions to support your independent dance practice and further development.

Individual training & Consultancy     ***   45min    ***   (1-2person)
Price: 60€
(incl. VAT 24%)
This is a more regular style of a private class: the teacher monitors the student’s dance and provides feedback and tasks in real time, but remotely via an online connection. You can ask for a specific topic for the class in advance but it is not necessary – you can also ’come to class’ without anything specific in mind: the teacher will for sure find useful things to work on in your dancing.
Notice that you can also choose to use the time to get consultation and guidance in any chosen topic. This form of a private class is just as suitable for dancers, performers, teachers and event organizers alike, and can include anything from a swing dance beginner’s toolkit to teaching improvisation and musicality or, for instance, how to build an effective practice routine for yourself. See ideas for class themes.

Dance class                                        ***    60min    ***   (1-10person)
Price: 100€ (incl. VAT 24%)                       Starting from 10€/person!
This is a more regular type of dance class: the focus is more on the teacher and the students follow and repeat – or if they so choose, simply watch, record, ask questions and take notes. Real time feedback from the teacher is also given when wanted. The class topic is based on the students’ request given in advance. This class can be booked for and shared by multiple students simultaneously online (max 10persons per class). See ideas for class themes.


Private classes are an extremely useful and efficient way for a dancer to improve and move further in their dancing. During a private class the focus of the teacher is on you and no-one else; you can get direct feedback and directions and the classes are tailor-made to your specific needs, pace, and wishes. It is advisable to consider taking multiple private classes in order to get regular coaching which improves your chances in even more grounded and efficient development as a dancer.

The content of a private lesson can be anything from discussion and consultation to individual dance guidance, giving feedback and recommendations for further development, or following a more typical dance lesson. Dancers of all levels from full beginners to active enthusiasts and performers, competitors and dance teachers alike are all provided for. Laura’s special skills focus on dance styles such as Jazz Roots, Lindy hop, 20th-century Charleston and Blues (in solo and couple versions), however, dancers, performers and teachers from other dance styles are also welcome to contact and dive into her classes. See ideas for class themes.

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