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Coming and past events:

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24.08.2018 Blues & Jazz Corner – Speakeasy/Salakapakka, Tanssi Vieköön -festival

Sukella aikamatkalle 1900-luvun alun hämyisiin salakapakkatunnelmiin esityksistä nauttien, soolo- ja paritanssitunneille osallistuen, vanhaa bluesia ja jazzia kuunnellen ja aamun pikkutunneille saakka tanssien.
Blues & Jazz Cornerin koko festivaalin ajan jatkuvan ohjelman tarjoaa Jazz Factory.

Kaikki tanssitunnit soveltuvat ensikertalaisille lajissa.
Pidätämme oikeuden pieniin muutoksiin ohjelmassa.

16.00-17.30 Chill out corner
17.30-18.00 Opetus: Jazz, soolo (Laura Halttunen)
18.00-18.30 Viihdettä ja esityksiä + vapaata tanssia
18.30-19.00 Opetus: Charleston, soolo (Laura Halttunen)
19.00-19.30 Viihdettä ja esityksiä + vapaata tanssia
19.30-20.30 Opetus: Blues, paritanssi (Arja Sahlberg)
20.30-02.00 Swing & Blues tanssit

10.00-11.30 Chill out corner
11.30-12.00 Opetus: Blues, soolo (Laura Halttunen)
12.00-12.30 Viihdettä ja esityksiä + vapaata tanssia
12.30-13.00 Opetus: Jazz, soolo (Laura Halttunen)
13.00-13.30 Viihdettä ja esityksiä + vapaata tanssia
13.30-14.00 Opetus: Charleston, soolo (Laura Halttunen)
14.00-14.30 Viihdettä ja esityksiä + vapaata tanssia
14.30-15.30 Opetus: Collegiate Shag (Pasi Ojala + Elisa Schäfer)
15.30-18.00 Swing tanssit
18.00-18.30 Opetus: Charleston, paritanssi (Laura Halttunen)
18.30-19.30 Viihdettä ja esityksiä + vapaata tanssia
19.30-20.30 Opetus: Blues, paritanssi (Arja Sahlberg)
20.30-02.00 Blues & Swing tanssit



It’s the early thirties, the Great Depression causes turmoil, Prohibition is enforced ever stronger, and the streets grow restless as Capone and his gansters rule the city of Chicago.

But, in Fennia Salon, the music plays, drinks flow, and the shows are glamorous! Prepare to be mesmerised by fantastic live musicians, unforgettable dance shows, and a glamorous, magical atmosphere. The dance floor is open for everyone all night long. Here you can forget about your woes and dance the night away to the best jazz in town! So get out your glad-rags, and join the other hepcats and make it a night you will remember!

After the successes of the Charleston & Swing Night in 2015 and the Paris Night in 2016 at the Helsinki Casino, the Jazz Factory presents ’Chicago -Swing & Blues Night’. Welcome!

Tickets 25 euros. Get yours here.

This event is organised at Helsinki Casino and can be accessed only with a valid identification and a minimum of 18 years of age.


08.09, 20.10, 10.11.2017 BALBOA FRIDAYS

Once a month on a Friday we’ll Bal up the Jazz Factory!
Great DJs and sometimes a live band!
Entrance 5 € Cash Only.
Some small snacks and drinks are available but feel free to bring your own!

Facebook event



Once again, it’s time to put your glad rags on and gather up in Fennia Salon! The legendary Speakeasy party brings together all the thirsty partygoers, gangsters and flappers.

The dance floor will be packed and there will be some great DJs and magical performances, such as the breathtaking and swinging SoulSisters trio, the Blues royals Robbie Hill & Emilia Sisco, and Jazz Factory’s Midnight Follies!

Save the date in your calendar. You don’t want to miss this one!

Dress up in the exquisite 20’s style and join the decadence of the prohibition era at Fennia Salon in Casino Helsinki on Saturday 8.4.2017 at 21–04.

Presale 20 euros, 25 euros at the door.
Presale at (+2,5€ service fee):
or at Casino Helsinki (no service fee).


20.08.2016 PARIS NIGHT

Palladium nights’ Paris night: Imagine Paris in the 20’s, with it’s Moulin Rouge cabaret shows and Speak Easies filled with crazy charleston, fast swing, misty blues and all that jazz!


19.00 Doors open.
19.00-19.30 DJ Tweety Doo
(with Nikolas Lloyd (GB) & Laura Halttunen)
20.30-21.00 DJ Handsome Han
21.00-21.45 Jimbino Vegan & the Jazz Cannibals
21.45-22.15 DJ Tweety Doo
22.15-23.00 * CABARET SHOW *
23.00-23.45 Jimbino Vegan & the Jazz Cannibals
23.45-00.30 DJ Handsome Han
00.30-01.15 Jimbino Vegan & the Jazz Cannibals
01.15-02.30 DJ Bluebird
03.00 Doors close.

25€ / From the door!
49€ / VIP experience

Live music, spectacular shows, social dancing, gambling, wining & dining, socializing, and much more…

The Paris night brought to you by:
Jazz Factory in collaboration with Rock’n’Roll Dance Club Comets ry

The Palladium Nights main organizer:
Helsinki Salsa Academy

Sponsored by:
Casino Helsinki



Palladium Nights’  Charleston & Swing Night

Program in short:
19.00 Doors open
19.30 Dance class in Partner Charleston – Laura Halttunen & Nikolas Lloyd
21.30 Jazz Cannibals (the first set)
23.00 Cabaret – Midnight Follies, Swing Busters and Pepper Sparkles…

Organized in collaboration with Jazz Factory and Rock’n’Roll Dance Club Comets ry.

Sponsored by:
Casino Helsinki