Laura Halttunen is a teacher, performer, choreographer and event organiser in Authentic Swing & Blues dances, with over a 10year experience in the field. While living in Amsterdam in 2007, she got hooked on the mad fun of the Charleston, and with it the world of Swing & Blues dance. Since then, Laura has attended numerous international workshops and events around Europe and accumulated her know-how under the guidance of the leading experts in the field. Laura also carries the second place from a European Blues competition in 2016 (Berlin Blues Explosion).
One of the leading teachers in Helsinki, Laura is liked for her fun and inspiring and classes and technical clarity. Laura is also a vibrant and lively performer, who leaves no audience cold. Next to regular teaching, she is also the leader of the vintage dance performance group Midnight Follies, organises Speakeasy social dance nights with cabaret shows, and is the owner and manager of the Jazz Factory dance school in Helsinki.

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